My Brothers’ Farm is offering pastured raised pork this year. The hogs are heritage breeds, a mix of Yorkshire/Durock/Chester White/Hampshire bred in Creswell, OR. The pigs are raised on pasture and woodlots using a rotational grazing system and finished in the orchards on organic hazelnuts and apples . Part of the reason we raise them this way is to help manage pests in the orchards by cleaning up the fallen fruit and nuts. We also think that hazelnut and apple finished pork is pretty delicious.


Tentative Harvest Date: October 2018

Hanging Weight: Approximately 200lbs/pig

Price: $4.50/lb (paid to My Brothers’ Farm) + approximately $1.00/lb cut and wrap fees (paid directly to Farmer's Helper) = Total about $5.50/lb.

Butcher: We use Farmer's Helper butcher shop located in Harrisburg. You will be able to communicate with them directly regarding how you want your animal processed (which cuts you prefer etc.)

Half of a hog is the smallest Farmer's Helper can accommodate, so if you are interested in a quarter hog we recommend that you find a friend or family member to split a half with you or we can help connect you with another customer who also wants a quarter.

When splitting half hogs keep in mind there are certain cuts (such as hams/pork shoulder) that only have one per half animal so you and the other person will have to work out who gets what.


We are collecting $100 deposits for half and whole hogs that goes towards the total cost of your animal. Deposits can be paid online.

Your hog will be raised on the farm all summer and you will be contacted via email when we set a butcher date. After the hogs have been harvested, Farmer's Helper will call you directly to discuss how you would like your animal processed (please refer to the cut sheet attached for processing options).

You will be charged $4.50/lb hanging weight (paid directly to the farm) and around $1/lb processing fees (paid directly to Farmer's Helper when you pick up your meat). Farmer's Helper will call you again once your animal has been cut/wrapped and you will pick up the meat from their store in Harrisburg. You will then have a freezer-full of pastured raised, forest finished pork to feed to your family all year!

We do plan to process some of the animals through a USDA processing facility and will be selling individual cut this fall so those without freezer space can enjoy pastured pork as well, but the price will be higher than our half and whole hog options.